Download the powerpoint and go through the Lesson 7.3 and Lesson 7.4 slideshow. (The students should be copying notes on paper)

Geometry Unit 7 (PowerPoint Lesson 7.3 and Lesson 7.4)

After completing the lesson the students should work on homework quietly. They may listen to music if they have headphones.

Homework Set 7.3 (Copies already made)

Homework Set 7.4 (86 Copies need to be made)


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  1. We did not do worksheet 7.3 in blocks 1&4. Was not given sheet in block 1(7.3). Teacher set us up to do only 7.4. In block 3, we did both but many of the slides in 7.3 were not clear, I also passed out 7.3 worksheet.

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