MVT Worksheet

Basic Probability Lesson Plan

I. Course: Advanced Algebra
II. School Level: SOL & SOR
III. Topic: Basic Probability
Nova Standard of Learning: Advanced Algebra: Basic ProbabilityMinnesota Standard of Learning: Probability

National Standard of Learning: Probability

V. TCA Competencies:

1. ( TCA 1.1 ) General and Professional Knowledge: I will teach several different topics in this lesson.

2. ( TCA 1.2 ) Communication: I will speak clearly and use a variety of examples to teach the concepts in this lesson.

3. ( TCA 1.3 ) Planning: I will use instructional strategies acquired through research as well as through teaching this lesson to a variety of students in the past.

4. ( TCA 1.5 ) Human relations: I will treat all students equally and fairly without favoring any one group of students.

5. ( TCA 2.3 MATH) Knowledge of Mathematical Communications:I will teach the students the appropriate vocabulary and stress the importance of word choice and precision.

VI. Objective: Given a lecture on probability, and sufficient guided practice, the student will be able to solve simple probability problems involving dice, spinners, cards, and numbers with no more than 10% error.
VII.  Materials:

  • Textbook for homework only
  • Whiteboard and Markers
  • Notes Handout Packet
VIII. Time Required: 50 minutes
IX. Character Education Principle: Prudence: Care: Doing work in a careful and thoughtful manner.
Probability can only be done in a thoughtful manner.
X. Pre-Assessment: None since this is a new unit which will be covered from the beginning
XI. Procedures:
1. Opening:

i. Set or Hook: Monty Hall Problem video on my website

ii. Assign Homework:

   a. Pg 633:1-13

   b. Probability of your name appearing randomly

iii. Developmental Activities:What are the tools of the trade?

   a. Dice

   b. Cards

   c. Numbers

   d. Spinners

iv. Preview Lesson

   a. Independent Probability

   b. Classical Probability

   c. Dice Problems

   d. Card Problems

   e. Number Problems

   f. Spinner Problems

2.   Instruction and Guided Practice:

3. Closure: “Today, you have learned a lot of material. Can someone tell me something they learned today that they did not know before? Who can tell me what independent probability is? How many numbers are possible when you roll 1 die? when you roll 2 dice? 3 dice? How many cards in a deck? How many suits? What are they? When are cards independent and when are they dependent? How do you find the probability of 2 independent events both occurring? 3 events? Why should care be used while working on probability problems? What potential careless mistakes might we incur?

      XII. Differentiation for Exceptionalities: All notes will be provided in a handout to all students
      XIII. Light Evaluation: Independent Practice and Quiz in the next few days
      XIV. Summative Evaluation: Test on Probability and Statistics to be given before spring break.

Week of 3/4-3/8

There is ERB testing all week and so this week’s schedule is a little crazy. At some point this week students will be finishing a packet on transformations. Students should be studying their parent functions and transformations flashcards. There will be a test this week.