Applied Math Course

First Nine Weeks

Course Introduction [Slides]

Syllabus: [PleaseReturnSigned]

Pretest: College Math Placement Test

Mathdoku [OnlyDoOne]

Writing Critiques Packet [Explore Writing Critiques]

Ratios, Rates, and Proportions Practice [ProportionsPacket]

Circumference and Area Word Problems [CircumferenceWordProblems]

Using the Pythagorean Theorem in Word Problems [PythagoreanTheoremWS2]

Location Not Found Task [AssignmentDescription]

Location Not Found Explorations HO #1 [LocationNotFoundExplore]

Test 1 Review: Ratios, and Pythagorean Theorem Word Problems[WordProblemsWS4]

Applied Math Test 1: Ratios and Proportions

Mathematician Biography Poster [AssignmentDescription]

Math Career Slideshow [AssignmentDescription]

Math Career Essay [AssignmentDescription]

Math Career Presentation [AssignmentDescription]



Second Nine Weeks

Swing Batter Batter HO#4 [AssignmentDescription]

Voting Activity #1 [Borda Count]

Voting Activity #2 [Plurality and Plurality with Elimination]

Voting Activity #3 [Pairwise Comparisons]

Voting Activity #4 [Approval Voting]

Function Notation WS [WSFunctionNotation]

Graphing and Functions Test [AssignmentDescription]

Project: And the Winner Is… [AndtheWinnerIs]