Cougar Concepts Model

Disclaimer: the views here are my own and not necessarily congruent with those of my colleagues, superiors, or students.

I was asked at the end of the 2015-2016 school year to take on a new role at my school as the “Math Concepts” teacher. I accepted, mainly because I wanted the opportunity to do it the right way.

The concepts model generally works like this: A student has Math (Algebra or Geometry) every other day. For some students, they need extra help and so they are given a second math class to support them called Math Concepts (Algebra or Geometry).

That is it. There is no further agreed upon detail. Nowhere is there a manual or document that outlines what happens during that 80 minutes of “support” every other day. I relish the opportunity to work with a blank slate, so this open ended prompt excited me.

However, I soon came to realize that not having clearly defined the expectations with the students, teachers, and administration has crippling consequences. This post is an effort to write out a little clarification after having the benefit of attempting a few things over the first 4 months school.

Concepts Primary Objectives
  1. Concepts should seek to accomplish multiple goals.
  2. Concepts should prepare students for success on standardized testing.
  3. Concepts should prepare students for success in their current math class.
  4. Concepts should prepare students for success in their future math classes.
The Lesson Outline (4 rounds of 15~20 minutes)

Round 1: KhanAcademy
Round 2: Notes/Instruction
Round 3: Activity
Round 4: Activity

Activities List
  • Whiteboards
  • Clickers
  • Kahoot
  • Worksheet
  • KhanAcademy
  • Edpuzzle
  • Quiz on Paper
  • Quiz on Computer
  • Geometric Construction
  • Math Journal Writing
  • Homework Time for Math (Study Hall)
  • Homework Time for Any Class (Study Hall)
  • Goal Setting & Reflection
  • Notes
  • Makeup Work for Math Class
  • Makeup Work for Any Class



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