Grit Article 1: The Learning Brain

In last week’s video – “The Learning Brain” you learned that the brain controls everything we do and is the center of all thinking, remembering and feeling. The brain generates up to 25 watts of power which is enough to illuminate a light bulb! The largest part of the cerebrum which is made up of two halves. The left half control the right side of your body while the right side controls the left side of your body. The “bridge” between the two hemispheres (halves) of the brain is called the corpus callosum. The cerebrum is where our short and long term memory centers reside and is also responsible for creativity and imagination. The cerebrum is what helps us to reason and solve problems. The brain is made up of 100 billion neurons – nerve cells that communicate with each other to make everything we do possible. Learning creates pathways between neurons. These pathways strengthen the connections between neurons the more we learn. Once we’ve learned a skill it becomes easier and easier to perform.


The brain is also where our emotions reside. Emotional states can impact the way we learn. Feeling threatened or worried causes the brain to release chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol into the body. These chemicals will affect how we think, feel, and behave. Scientists believe that we learn best when we are happy and relaxed because this is when our brains process information most efficiently. Our brains ability to function well is also impacted by our diet – including hydration. Diets high in sugar and artificial chemicals found in processed foods can make it difficult to concentrate. Being tired, hungry, too hot or too cold can also affect the brain’s ability to work efficiently. When studying, it’s good to take short breaks and get blood flowing through the body with physical exercise. Exercise increases oxygen in the blood stream which helps neurons to fire.


In this video, we also learned that intelligence is not fixed and that it possible with effort and practice to become smarter. Challenging yourself and setting goals helps the brain to grow stronger neural connections. Over time, you will be able to do things that you may have thought difficult or even impossible in the past! Doing puzzles, reading, playing music, and drawing are some good ways to challenge and expand your brain.

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  1. The brain goes through alot it controls your emotions and thoughts.Its powerful enough to power a light bulb the brain functions is by how you eat and your diet you can challange your brain by puzzles and reading and playing music

  2. The article talks about how much power the brain has and that it can power a light bulb. It mentions that most people learn things better when they are happy, things tend to stuck better. When a person is upset and stressed no one can learn. Studys have also shown that a person can be come smarter if they focus and try. Doing things that make your brain work alot like puzzles and reading or drawling help you learn. Also it says that people must take breaks to get there brain stimulating agian.

  3. The brain is the most important muscle in your body. I helps you remember things, its also can help you salve complex problems. Its very important that we keep it healthy by drinking water, eating the right foods, and getting plenty of physical activity in a regular basis.

  4. we learned in the video from last week is is that majority of your body is controlled by your brain.Like the left side of your brain controlles the right side of your body and the right side of your brain controlles the left side of your brain.It also tought us that the way your emotiens work like if your happy you will do good on the work and if your sad you will do bad on the work.

  5. The video we watch last week told us what part of the brain control us. If we don’t practice something you won’t become smarter doing it. when your happy things tend to suck it your brain better. And if your mad you most likely won’t learn anything. It’s good to take short little break so your brain can get the blood flow.

  6. The brain is the place that controls all the things the body can and will do in the life. The longer you learn things the most you be able to learn more things easyer and faster, be this you can learn to do things that were hard or even things you could not do in the past. When you are studying or doing work on time of your own take little breaks ever 30 minutes to get oxygen into the blood more so that the brain will beable to let it get more information in little time and effort and will be able to rembemer it better. Help the brain by doing things that will make you think on how to do them.

  7. This article is about how your brain can control your thinking, remembering, and feelings. your brain and everyone else brain can generate up to 25 watts of power which can light up a lightbulb. The large part of your brain the cerebrum (which is made up of two halves). The left side of your brain control the rights side and the right side control the left side of your brain. also you have emotional impacts inside your brain the can effect your thinking.

  8. in the video you learn that the brain controls everything in the human body. This is helpful in math because it allows you to point out main ideas and key points in a math problem. We learn that many things can affect how you learn, being to tired, cold , or even to hot. many things factor the learning ability of a human. Focusing on one skill and mastering that skill makes it easier to to apply that skill each and everyday.

  9. This article is about how the brain controls everything we do. For example the brain controls our thinking, remembering, and feelings. Emotions can also effect the way we learn. A brain can contain as many as 100 billion neurons. Good ways to expand your brain are puzzles, reading, or anything that challenges your brain to get stronger and help gain better knowledge of things because once you do something that is thought to be difficult, your brain can process the skills and make it much easier for one.

  10. The video we seen last time is almost like the passage that i just read. The brain controls everything we do, the mood, way we got in trouble, etc. if your tired, or not relaxed the brain can’t function good because you have to be happy in order to be able get good education. You can’t study well also if your tired, is best to take a break and to be drinking alot of water, because what also effects the brain is how much sugar you eat.

  11. In the video I learned that the brain controls the human body. The brain can generate up to 25 watts and made of 100 billion neurons It’s the center of all thinking and remembering and feeling. It also tells how much power the brain has and it can power a light bulb. Being tired too hot too cold and hungry can affect the brain ability to work. Learning creates pathways between neurons, the neurons strengthen the connections between neurons the more you learn. The brain is our emotional reside and it impact the way we learn.

  12. The brain controls every thing in your body. It generates enough power everyday to light a light bulb. It has 100 Billion neurons and controls what you feel, see, and hear. Being tired,cold, hot, or hungry affects what your brain can do and how much it can do.

  13. The brain controls everything that we do like remembering and feelings, the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body while the left side controls the right side of your body, the brain is made up to 100 billion of neutrons

  14. the biggest part of your brain is the cerebrum. there are two halves. the right side controls the left side of the body and the right side controls the left side of your body.your brain has over a thousand neurons. they tell are body what to do. different factors depend on how well you learn. you can be too hot, too cold. hungry, or tired and not learn well. your diet can also effect how you leern, along with hydration. it is also proven that if you try hard enough, you can expand your brain and become smarter.

  15. This review on the brain video we had watch last week was pretty accurat and this passege is just a review on it.The brain works better in comfortable conditions like when youre not hungry and youre not hot or to cold.It can generate up to 25 watts enough to light a light bulb and has over 100 billion nuerons.The cerebra, the place in the brain where it controls the short term and long term memory.

  16. The Brain controls all your movements from the left side of your body to your right side. The brain also controls all your feelings, thoughts, Emotions, etc. The brain is made up of 100 billion neurons.

  17. The brain is the most important part of your body. The brain controls all your movements of your body. From your left side to the right . You have billions of neurons in your brain . The brain controls what you feel or how you are feeling .Your brain lets you know if your hungry or tired. You can expand your brain by doing puzzles and other things .

  18. your brain does a lot , it controls your thoughts and your emotions. The brain is really strong it can power a light bulb but it all depends on how you eat. If your hungry, tired, cold, hot affects what your brain can do and how much it can do.

  19. The article above is telling us about how are brain does what it does and how we can keep it on track. IT says that our brain can generate 24 watts of power which can illuminate a light bulb. Although our brain can do all this it needs us to work in order for it to work wen need to stay hydrated and eat to get our brains working. Ans when we are sitting down for long periods of time we need to get up and walk around to get blood flowing.

  20. your brain controls your emotions and everything you do. it all depends on how you balance your meals activity and condition. it all effects how your brain works.

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