Makeup Work for Unit 4


Triangle Basics Notes
Classifying Triangles WS
Triangle Angle Sum WS
Triangle Angle Sum WS 2 / 4-The Exterior Angle Theorem (Choose one)
Math Journal 1: Write 4-5 Sentences in response to this video.
Iso. and Equi. Triangle Problems WS
Triangle Inequalities Notes
Triangle Inequality Theorem WS FrontInequalities in One Triangle WS Back
Multi-Step Equations WS
Special Segments in Triangles Notes
Midsegment of a Triangle WS FrontTriangles Angle Bisectors WS Back
Math Journal 2: Write Half a Page explaining to a friend how they should prepare for their Geometry Test.
Special Segments in Triangles Notes
Special Segments WS
Math Journal 3: Write one sentence each describing each of the following special segments:Midsegment, Median, Angle Bisector, Altitude, Perpendicular Bisector.
Unit 4 Quiz *ONLINE
Triangles Review Page 1
Triangles Review Page 2
Unit 4 Test *On Paper

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