Method 3: Cumulative Mastery Curriculum

Short Description: Devote at least a part of every day to cumulative review. Every day we review because I want my students to retain information. Usually, I pick a selection of 3-5 topics to review/remediate based on how “stale” the information is as well as based on their quizzes and tests. The goal is mastery of 100% of skills by the end of the year and that cannot be accomplished if they do not routinely review it.

Classroom Example:

  • Quizlet: Uploading a sample set of problems to be able to quickly create activities.
  • Make your own worksheet: Let them choose the problems.
  • Give a cumulative assessment every Friday and use it do determine the next weeks topics.

Supporting Literature: There is a lot of research in spaced repetition including Leitner, Pimsleur and Butler

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