Probability Challenge Problems

PDF: ProbabilityChallenge1

Rubric at bottom:

Assignment Description:

  • Each student must hand in 2 completely written up solutions to problems from the selected 12.
  • The answers are all provided at the bottom.
  • I am not looking for answers, I am looking for beautiful solutions. We have practiced these before and discussed the level of detail I expect.
  • Your solution should include pictures/diagrams.
  • Your solution should include complete sentences and all work shown neatly.

**Just to make this interesting… Even if your solution is not perfect, I will give it 100% if it is the best one submitted for that problem. In other words if only 2 people submit a solution to number 10, I will give the better one a 100% even if it stinks too. However, all other problems will be graded according to the rubric.


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