Syllabus 2014-2015

Mr. Volk                                                                        

Room 364

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Geometry Syllabus


  • Respect will always be present in the classroom.
  • Abide by the Honor Code.
  • Zero tolerance for cheating.
  • No restroom breaks during the lecture/active learning, unless it is an emergency.
  • No phones unless given permission by the Teacher.  Having a phone out when not given permission will result in a loss of the phone.

Units of Study:

  • Please refer to the Geometry framework on the VDOE website or follow along on


  • My calculators are for use in the classroom only, therefore if you need one during cougar am please make the necessary arrangements to with me or otherwise.
  • If your assigned calculator is broken or vandalized during your assigned period.  Full replacement is necessary.


  • Will be completed and corrected on due date.
  • Absent: (Ab)  Arrangements need to be made with teacher to make up work within 3 days! Full credit can be obtained.
  • Zero:  cannot be made up.
  • Excused:  excused from doing the assignment.


Will be averaged by:       Points earned     x 100

                                       Points possible




Phone:  540-898-4445 ext. 2364

Parents please email me or contact me through my website if you have any questions.

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