Unit 1 Lesson 2 (Friday 1/31)

  1. Learning Objectives
    1. SWBAT1: Name/Identify/Model Vocabulary
    2. SWBAT2: Use Segment Addition  with Pictures
    3. SWBAT3: Use Segment Addition  without Pictures
  2. Starting Class
    1. Collect any remaining Calculator forms, Student Essays, and Parent Questionnaire.
    2. New Seating Chart!!!
  3. Lesson Notes / Instruction {Extra Instruction: Khan Academy}
  4. Give out vocabulary list
  5. Show Quizlet website and phone app to help learn vocabulary.
  6. Guided Practice: Worksheet on Segment Addition.
  7. Mr. Volk walks around helping students on the segment addition problems. {Extra Practice: Khan Academy}
  8. Closing: Mr. Volk reminds students about the Geometry Homework Set 2 due on Monday and offers any clarifying points. Mr. Volk shows the students step by step how to solve some of the more involved worksheet problems on the board.

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