Unit 1 Lesson 3 and Quiz 1 (Monday 2/3)

  1. Learning Objectives
    1. SWBAT1: Find midpoint in the coordinate plane
    2. SWBAT2: Find distance in the coordinate plane
  2. Starting Class
    1. Collect any remaining Calculator formsStudent Essays, and Parent Questionnaires.
    2. Mr. Volk will go over any questions related to Homework Sets 1- 3.
    3. HONORS: Mr. Volk will offer limited guidance on the PRO SET 1.
  3. Lesson Notes / Instruction
    1. {Extra Instruction on Midpoint: Khan Academy}
    2. {Extra Instruction on Distance: Khan Academy}
  4. Guided Practice: Integrated during the notes.
    1. {Extra Practice on Midpoint: Khan Academy}
    2. {Extra Practice on Distance: Khan Academy}
  5. Quiz over Lesson 1 and 2. (Honors students have an extra section including algebraic properties)
  6. Closing: Mr. Volk reminds students about the Geometry Homework Set 3 due on Tuesday and offers any clarifying points. Mr. Volk shows the students step by step how to solve some of the more involved worksheet problems on the board.

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