Unit 1 Lesson 4 (Tuesday 2/4)

  1. Learning Objectives
    1. SWBAT1: Name/Identify/Model Vocabulary
    2. SWBAT2: Measure and Classify Angles
    3. SWBAT3: Solve Equations Involving Angles
  2. Starting Class
    1. Mr. Volk will go over any questions related to Homework Sets 1- 3.
    2. HONORS: Mr. Volk will offer limited guidance on the PRO Set 1.
    3. Vocabulary Set 2: Quizlet
  3. Lesson Notes / Instruction
    1. {Extra Instruction on Angle Basics: Khan Academy}
    2. {Extra Instruction on Congruent Angles: Khan Academy}
  4. Guided Practice: Integrated during the notes and then practiced with whiteboards.
    1. {Extra Practice on Benchmark Angles: Khan Academy}
    2. {Extra Practice on Complementary and Supplementary Angles: Khan Academy}
    3. {Extra Practice on Congruent Angles: Khan Academy}
  5. Closing: Mr. Volk reminds students about the Geometry Homework Set 4 due on Wednesday and offers any clarifying points.

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