Unit 2 Lesson 5 (Friday 2/14)

  1. SOL: G.1
    G.1 The student will construct and judge the validity of a logical argument consisting of a set of premises and a conclusion. This will include
    a) identifying the converse, inverse, and contrapositive of a conditional statement;
    b) translating a short verbal argument into symbolic form;
    c) using Venn diagrams to represent set relationships; and
    d) using deductive reasoning.
  2. Learning Objectives
    1. SWBAT: Identify/Use Inductive Reasoning
    2. SWBAT: Find Counterexamples to false conjectures
    3. SWBAT: Honors: Generalize conjectures (nth term)
    4. SWBAT: Use/Identify Conjunctions
    5. SWBAT: Use/Identify Disjunctions
    6. SWBAT: Determine Truth Value of Conjunctions and Disjunctions
    7. SWBAT: Read/Interpret  Venn diagrams
    8. SWBAT: Construct Venn diagrams
    9. SWBAT: Convert statements to conditionals
    10. SWBAT: Identify hypothesis/conclusions of conditionals
    11. SWBAT: Determine truth value of conditionals
    12. SWBAT: Write converse of a conditional
    13. SWBAT: Write inverse of a conditional
    14. SWBAT: Write contrapositive of a conditional
    15. SWBAT: Determine the truth value of related conditionals
    16. SWBAT: Determine truth value of biconditionals
    17. SWBAT: Identify/Use Deductive Reasoning
    18. SWBAT: Identify/Use Law of Syllogism
    19. SWBAT: Identify/Use Law of Detachment
    20. SWBAT: Determine the validity of a conclusion
    21. SWBAT: Identify/Use Paragraph Proofs
  3. Starting Class
    1. Mr. Volk will go over any questions pertaining to Geometry Homework Set 2.4.
    2. HONORS: Mr. Volk will collect PRO Set 2 and go over some questions.
    3. Mr. Volk will make remarks about Test 2.
  4. Lesson/Lecture Notes
    1. Mr. Volk will provide lecture notes on the white board presenting material both narratively as well as interactively.
    2. The lesson will be structured and scaffolded in such a way that each student will be capable of both grasping the material as well as be intrigued and challenged by it at times during the lesson.
    3. Finally, a question will be presented on the board for the students to complete as a sort of exit slip. If time remains after the lecture and exit slip, students will be allowed to start on their homework sets.
    4. Time will be built into the block for students to meet with Mr. Volk about their grades or other matters.
    5. {Extra Instruction on Logical Reasoning: Khan Academy}
  5. Guided Practice: Integrated during the notes and then practiced with whiteboards.
    1. {Extra Practice on Logical Reasoning: Khan Academy}
  6. Closing: Mr. Volk reminds students about the Geometry Homework Set 2.5 due on Monday and offers any clarifying points.

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