Unit 2 Review Day (Thursday 2/20)

  1. SOL: G.1
    G.1 The student will construct and judge the validity of a logical argument consisting of a set of premises and a conclusion. This will include
    a) identifying the converse, inverse, and contrapositive of a conditional statement;
    b) translating a short verbal argument into symbolic form;
    c) using Venn diagrams to represent set relationships; and
    d) using deductive reasoning.
  2. Learning Objectives
    1. SWBAT: Identify/Use Inductive Reasoning
    2. SWBAT: Find Counterexamples to false conjectures
    3. SWBAT: Honors: Generalize conjectures (nth term)
    4. SWBAT: Use/Identify Conjunctions
    5. SWBAT: Use/Identify Disjunctions
    6. SWBAT: Determine Truth Value of Conjunctions and Disjunctions
    7. SWBAT: Read/Interpret  Venn diagrams
    8. SWBAT: Construct Venn diagrams
    9. SWBAT: Convert statements to conditionals
    10. SWBAT: Identify hypothesis/conclusions of conditionals
    11. SWBAT: Determine truth value of conditionals
    12. SWBAT: Write converse of a conditional
    13. SWBAT: Write inverse of a conditional
    14. SWBAT: Write contrapositive of a conditional
    15. SWBAT: Determine the truth value of related conditionals
    16. SWBAT: Determine truth value of biconditionals
    17. SWBAT: Identify/Use Deductive Reasoning
    18. SWBAT: Identify/Use Law of Syllogism
    19. SWBAT: Identify/Use Law of Detachment
    20. SWBAT: Determine the validity of a conclusion
    21. SWBAT: Identify and use basic postulates about points, lines, and planes
    22. SWBAT: Use algebra to write two-column proofs
    23. SWBAT: Use properties of equality to write geometric proofs
    24. SWBAT: Write proofs involving segment addition
    25. SWBAT: Write proofs involving congruence
    26. SWBAT: Write proofs involving supplementary and complementary angles
    27. SWBAT: Write proofs involving congruent and right angles
  3. Starting Class
    1. Warm Up:Warm up Wed/Thur
    2. Mr. Volk will go over any questions pertaining to Geometry Homework Set 2.7.
  4. Lesson/Lecture Notes
    1. Mr. Volk will provide a test outline on the whiteboard.
    2. Mr. Volk will quiz the entire class orally over the vocabulary.
    3. The students will work in partners on a Test Study Guide (Unit 2 Review WS 2 and 3 Unit 2 Review WS 1)due at the end of class (or tomorrow).
    4. The vocabulary can also be studied online Flashcards.
    5. {Extra Instruction on Logical Reasoning: Khan Academy}
  5. Guided Practice: Integrated during the notes and then practiced with whiteboards.
    1. {Extra Practice on Logical Reasoning: Khan Academy}
  6. Closing: Mr. Volk reminds students about the Test Tomorrow  and offers any clarifying points.


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