Unit 3 Lesson 4 (Thursday 2/27)

  1. SOL: G.2
     Virginia SOL Standard G.2
     The student will use the relationships between angles formed by two lines cut by a transversal to
     a)  determine whether two lines are parallel;
     b)  verify the parallelism, using algebraic and coordinate methods as well as deductive proofs; and
     c)  solve real-world problems involving angles formed when parallel lines are cut by a transversal.
  2. Learning Objectives: The student will be able to…
    1. Recognize angle pairs that occur with parallel lines.
    2. Prove that two lines are parallel.
  3. Starting Class
    1. Mr. Volk will go over any questions pertaining to the homework
    2. Mr. Volk will make remarks about Test 3.
  4. Lesson Notes (pdfpptx)
    1. Mr. Volk will systematically present the new information using prepared powerpoint on the smart board.
    2. Students will have their comprehension and acquisition of the new material assessed throughout the lesson through engagement strategies.
    3. Mr Volk will have the students complete a selection of problems touching various levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy and turn in their answers as an exit slip.
    4. If the students have time at the end of class, then they may work on their Homework Sets.
    5. {Extra Instruction on Angles and Parallel Lines: Khan Academy}
    6. {Extra Instruction on Angles and Parallel Lines: Math is Fun}
    7. {Extra Instruction on Slope and Parallel Lines: PurpleMath}
    8. {Extra Instruction on Angles and Parallel Lines: Regents Prep}
  5. Guided Practice: Integrated during the notes and then practiced with whiteboards.
    1. {Extra Practice on Angles and Parallel Lines: Khan Academy}
  6. Closing: Mr. Volk reminds students about the Homework Set due Tomorrow and offers any clarifying points.

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