Unit 5: Triangles Part 2 (2015-2016)

Unit 5: Right Triangles (G8)

G.8 The student will solve real-world problems involving right triangles by using the Pythagorean Theorem and its converse, properties of special right triangles, and right triangle trigonometry.

Unit 5 Skills

  1. Given the Angle of Elevation/Depression and one side, find missing side.
  2. Given legs, find hypotenuse.
  3. Given angle and leg, find hypotenuse.
  4. Given three sides, Right, obtuse, or acute?
  5. Given angle and leg, find leg.
  6. Convert radical notation into decimal.
  7. Given angle and hypotenuse, find leg.
  8. Setup trig equations
  9. Determine trig function values
  10. Find altitude of equilateral triangles given side.
  11. Find length of diagonal of square given side length.
  12. Find perimeter of square given diagonal length.
  13. Given two sides of a right triangle, find the angle.

Treatment Principles

  • Each skill matches testing form and rigor at least 50% of questions.
  • Each skill has a prescribed instructional procedure.
  • Each skill has corresponding Worksheet and Quizzes with at least 3 versions of each.


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